You are conciousness in diverse
contexts of existances.
You have lived a thousand  
life times, evolving with
 with all their wisdom
  and lessons to teach
         -Debra Ann LMT, CHT

"Debra is a skilled practitioner. I felt very comfortable and trust her"

-Christine S.

"Debra was incredible to work with.  She was thorough and responsive to my requests. My back and muscles have never felt better after a massage. My experience was wonderful"

-Kelli V.


 We seek to understand what may come to us next in our lives, we turned to the seers and wise ones who have knowledge of the hidden tools, who gaze into their depths and view patterns aries that would apply to our lives. We are often times our own seer, or we entrust ourselves to the reader, the friend, or to the counselor who we trust to understand our life. Trust! There are cosmic seers of the hidden worlds who are gazing into the contexts of existance for you. Trust that your guide  will anchor in  with ideas, dreams, images and signs, the unfolding of the future to come. She will murmur to you, in moments of peace , wisdom words so you can create what must be done in the present, so the future can be what it is for you.

Much of what is to come to us is written-it is a part of the structure of our soul that specific events or people and outcomes will connect with us merging with our days.  There are some events,  we create and choose, and this is where a guide be of great assistance.  Look deeply, to make choices that are in the best interests of yourself and those close to you, to unravel some of the distance between yourself and spirit that has developed . Take up the precious tools once again.. Take some time to see clearly.  And know that the  the Seers and guides are with you, to assist guiding you to an outcome that is brilliant with prospects, abundant with meanings. Show graditude as to what is coming, and as disclosure makes itself known, be ready.



"Debra is such an incredible, warm, loving soul. I did a past life regression session with her and it was absolutely incredible! Her genuine spirit and approach immediately help you feel safe and relaxed. I highly recommend getting a past life regression done with her. I was amazed with what came through, and how accurate the timelines and history fit together"

-Anya H.



"Best Massage I've had! Would recommend to anyone. Will be going back again soon"

-David M.

"Deb gives an amazing massage. I always feel better after each massage I have had from her."

-Hyrum T.

"I was in a recent auto accident and in need of a therapeutic massage while traveling on business. Deb is at the top of her professions. If you are in need of relaxing and healing, I highly recommend her services."


"Debra is great! Super relaxing atmosphere and experience"

-Rett L.

"Great and professional service. I come often to Debra for hypnotherapy and massages"

Ivo S.

"Amazing hypnotherapist! She helped me uncover some memories that has helped me understand my current circumstances. Best decision I ever made"

-Abby C.

"Debra is an amazing massage therapist and i have also had the pleasure of trying out a few hypnotherapy sessions with her to work through some of my mental health concerns. After each session she gave me tools that I could use to combat my depression and anxiety. She has extensive knowledge in both fields and I would highly recommend her to friends and family"

-Fesishia T.


Your Greatest Self.


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