Extraterrestrial Abduction experience + regression notes with James Rink

I become aware I am on a large metal table. My ankles and wrists are strapped down to the table by some type of metal clasps. I can not move. The room seems extra clean and sterile like an operating room but forign with colors of Metals and white. The room was brilliant but clear. I become aware of an ET(undisclosed) toward the left corner of the room seeming to be working on some kind of lab work. I see an open door way to my right. Hip level on my right side, I notice another ET(undisclosed) starting to manage a machine over me with a thick large long sharp type of device directed at me . He was tall maybe 6'4. The one closest to me seemed limited with his arms and so I remember the machine was made to have technology to adjust the exact location where the extra large needle would enter. The extraterrestrial operates this intimidating devise bringing it towards me with the sharp needle. There is no stopping it and enters through my belly button. I feel everything as this enters my body. I seem to loose consciousness. The pain was to intense

The next I remember, is being escorted down a hall. The walls seems to be alive changing soft pure white colors and pastels of pink, light greens and blues, the floor was metal with a swirling texture feeling aware of me. As I am being escorted I noticed a child of about 6 or 7 years old being ushured towards the room i have just come out of. I was concerned she was next. As I approached, I noticed her eyes were unusually large and her features looked strangely similar as mine when I was younger besides the large eyes. The next I remember I am waking up in my room relieved I am away from this place. To this day I have stomach issues and symptomatic pain regardless of testing various diets to see if it was a dietary issue . I have recieved x-rays and tests and everything appears to be normal.

I do not understand exactly why this has taken place. I have my assumptions. Other pieces of the puzzle seem to create a clearer picture with nightly travels following this event. Through some of the undesireable events that take place, I find joy in the future through a little girl I have in my travels. She seems to call out to me and I find her and get to visit for a while risking my presence being known in these other worlds. The details of these other experiences will be expanded on in other entries.

Our nervous system is our electrical system. Electricity travels. We travel through life times and dimensions wether we know it or not. It would be no question that we have children and we may have unfinished business with those we love from other life times. We have dream cycles and while we sleep our sixth sense is fully aware and even hightened because our conscious mind gets out of the way. This is just one of the forms through which we experience. The 3 dimensional experiences are just as real. As within so without , as above so below. These experiences can happen right here and now in full waking state. The celestials can enter our world and within bounds we can enter theirs. Many who don't consciously remember experiences that others may remember, does not mean they have not had them. The behaviors we perform daily are a result of our subconscious conditioning. The veil of forgetfullness may have been put over your eyes temporarily , but the experience has had a deep profound impact perhaps preparing you for something much bigger, that once activated will become crystal clear.

Debra LMT, CHT

Regression Notes with James Rink

Abduction area 51. (possible location)

She sees old alarm light near the door over the door. She steps through and she is now standing by the wall, she is in a room that is 12’x12’ in size. The floor is a textured metal. She sees her body, it’s a metal table, there are white hospital sheets. There are bright golden colored lights overhead that are cone shaped. There is a metal hospital tray that you can move around. There are metal hand clasps that are holding her wrists and ankles down. There are stirrups under the table, you put your feet in so they can check on you. In the corner to the left there are vials with needles, they are scary kind of big. They are wearing a white lab coat, she can’t see his face but his back looks like a green brown creature, with scales up to the top of his head. The creature looks about 5’9”. On the right side of Debra is a glass wall that is see through, she sees a hallway. There no door, the room stays open all the time. No privacy. She sees a face steamer that has a giant needle on the end, they put they over her belly button about feet away. Debra feels like she knows what is going on but she drugs. Her eyes are open but she can’t feel emotion. She is scared but can’t cry.

There is also someone else there with a lab coat, He is 6 ½ feet. He is kind of ugly looking. Scales all over his body, face is blurry. Greenish brown. The machine near her is intelligent, it almost knows what it needs to be done. It’s operating the needle device over her belly. Its about 12” inches long. The needle goes through to the belly button. When it goes in , it was extremely painful, then she loses consciousness and pass it. Her head passes out looking towards the side near the glass window. There is a red glowing light comes out of the needle. She can see through her skin and see inside her stomach area. The needle comes out and there is no scar but there is still a red glow in her skin. There is an elevator door in the hallway, a man comes through. He is bald on top with hair on sides and he is wearing white lab coat. He looks at Debra and then the creatures, says all clear you can bring her back. He pushes a button and the metal clasps release and go back into the table.

They seem to be cleaning up. There is a microscope in the corner, there is a screen with blood on it. The shorter scaly creature is looking at her blood. He takes the slide out and leaves the room with it. He has a tail hanging out from behind the lab coat. Debra is starting to wake up and the other reptilian is watching her. He starts to leave and he walks through the sliding elevator door, but he ducks down through it, because he is kind of tall. The room just brighter, but now its very white and metal shiny looking. Very sterile looking, way too clean.

She is so scared she is frozen and don’t know what to do. She does not know this place. It seems like the bald man is coming back. She doesn’t remember him leaving. He helps sit her up. She is too short to touch the ground. Her hair is natural hair, golden reddish brown. Her eyes are bright blue. He touches her face and check her body and elbow, like a physical. He helps her up down off the table. She can barely walk. He is helps her by the elbow and sits her down in the chair outside the room and to sit there and wait. He leaves and goes through the sliding doors which close behind him. The floors are same shiny metal and textured with x’s . She sees a light source on the sides. Its not normal light. Its like woven into the floor.

She can remote view through the doors, there is a hallway with many lab rooms. She sees children there, they are short. They are 3 feet tall and have big eyes. They are walking around. She thinks one of them may look like her. She sees a lady there who is 5’8 and she seem Nordic. Possibly known as Ashaena???. She connected a silver cord from her bubble to her mind. She jolts and looks. Debra ask if she could help. She is working on some command center.

She said you will be out of here soon. This is just an experiment. I know you don’t want to hear this but you are part of some programs that we need your help and this process of elimination. They are testing her blood for microbules or microtubicals in the DNA. Nanobytes…… Clean, sheen blood.

ACIO, AB O , testing for many things. They are watching you keeping tabs on her blood. Its okay, she doenst agree or like it but for the bigger purpose she will understand at some point. Cloning purposes. She laughed and said yes (asked if she was a super soldier). She asked why is this funny. She is joking, like duh. She says wouldn’t you like to know (we for name of group she works for). She says your related to the beings that visit, apha centruai, zeta retcuili, Orion. They are keeping her safe, they came to you to remember. She is sending her healing energy to help her remember the abduction. She is sending Debra light now to keep this memory stored as a gift.

Debra sends her love and light, and Ashaena says thank you.

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