As above so below-underwater base & elementals.

The earth is well alive. It communicates with the cosmos. We are in between and life below. We are linked to both. The earth being intelligent, talks with all life forms in this 3D dimension and interacts with other dimensions effecting its reality. As within, so without.

Recently, with the world events happening and then experiencing earth shifts and shakes here in my state, my mind and energy is shifting. Feeling the earth below as she responds to the inhabitants actions, I send her love and healing.

After doing some researching and gathering information from trusted sources of known facts that we have bases right below our feet.  It has come to my awareness the bases below were under attack. I have felt as if I surge of energy rushing through my body with each explosion.The effects of, as above so below, as below so above. In 1945 the bomb went off over Japan drawing attention to the Extraterrestials upsetting the equilibrium of the galaxy and affecting other dimensions as well as right here in this time reality. The galaxy has withstood far worse cataclysms than our local explosions. If we look closer to home, the reason for increase of UFO activity increasing after the Bombs detonated, would seem the most affected would be those living in the earth. If inner earth races have technology that exceeds those on the surface, they would know of the dangers of nuclear activity on the surface would create for them. Contactees have been given messages to stop nuclear activity and the ETs have had the technology to stop the threats. Feeling the affects above the earth it would be no question those below would be affected as well. This would seem to be verified from my own personal experiences of an overlay being one of many memories.

In this particualy  nightly travels, I arrive in a underground warehouse facility I often find myself in . I am leading 2 small squads. The mission is to go investigate a deep underwater base in the atlantic ocean to obtain intel. We are given unusual underwater carriers, I have never seen shaped as a cube. We arrive at the entrance and as we enter there is a welcoming center that drains out the ocean water surrounding us. Then beyond and below the surface, another city with similar structure as we haveabove surface. The race looked like us humans on the surface, but a bit taller and much fitter. They had a strength and energy that exceeds any on the surface, that we were to deserve. I would call them super human, artificually enhanced or another race entirety. The purpose was simply to observe, return and report. (More detailed of this underwater base in a session with an interviewer.) Then I open my eyes with most memories intact.

It is my understanding that an increase in UFO activity could partially be as a result of those ETs living right below that are being affected. The elements and devastations from the atom bomb has a direct impact to our inteligent living earth. I have experienced the language of the inteligence of the elements.

I am in an older park with my 3 kids. We often visit parks to keep them distracted while I am holding on to sanity being a single mother. In between these sane states, the universe above, the living earth below and my spirit inside gift me with unexpected experiences that remind me the unseen with physical eyes are living and well.

I am sitting near by the playground under a tree. It is fall, and the leaves on the ground were briliant orange, yellow, pink and reds. The day couldnt be any more beautiful with clear skies, no wind and the perfect amount of sun rays in 80 degree weather. Utah weather is bi-polar and we never know what to expect, this particlar day I would take advantage of the beautiful elements. I often write in my journal since the day I could write. The importance of record keeping was taught since I was a little girl and it wasnt until later I realized the consistancy of writting trained my mind to remember dreams, travels and out of body experiences as it taps into the subconsious.   I was writting in my Journal with particualr day with deep emotional gratitude for the mother earth and how she holds us up with all her beauty and spirit, speaking to her, feeling her hear my words........... At this time there was no wind and a day as you would imagine heaven might be. Without expectation, I hear my kids yell out from the play ground "mommy! mom! Look !  In the distance we see from the ground, a tunneling of leaves starting to form , growing larger in height, swirling into a vortex vertically in the same spot until it reached a height it was satisfied with. Then to my astonishment it started swirling and moving my direction. The kids with excitment yelling and laughing , " mommy its coming right at you, move mom!" They seemed scared for me, I was stunned and froze, perplexed at what is transpiring. The form was as a beautiful leaf spirit of leaves talking deep into my soul thanking me for my acknowledgement. I found myself in the middle of the vortex of leaves, spinning around me and suddenly at once dropping around me in a perfect circle where i sit indian style in the middle.  There are mysteries we do not understand in this world but it doesnt mean they are not real. If we open ourselves up to even the unlimited possibility of the many dimensions all around us we can have experiences like these every day. We can see beings and civilizations of those who live below as well as in the cosmos.

There will be a time, when we will be able to travel inner earth and to other worlds in the cosmos. Likely through wormholes(details in another entry) or portals (details in another entry) learning to love and respect earth along all inhabitants will likely lead to a kinder welcome as we greet new worlds and races.

Debra Ann LMT, CHT

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