Club Area 51

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

I use to be a weekend warrior at the minimum. I went through a phase in my life where I surrowned myself with booze and dance clubs but knew I could never take it to far because I was a single mother of young kids at the time and had responisibilites even though I was acting irresponsible at the time. A time I wish I could go back and alter.

This one particular night as I am in my favorite dance venue that was called area 51, I was minding my own business, getting my dance groove on and I see a odd man approaching my way. He was a bit shorter than me, skin seemed a darker tan and had dark longer hair shoulder length. His clothing was odd as well, as I recall he was wearing all black and a cape. He was unique yet odd. When he arrived in my space, he bent down and injected something in my left ankle area. It really hurt like a bee sting and burned. I turned to look for him and I seen him run out the club. I was stunned at what had happened and became really concerned as I started to feel really weak. Almost as if my body was shutting down. I could feel my organs begin to loose function. I am to stubborn for doctors or to get help. I told myself I would just sleep it off and from that day forward I lost interest from that dangerous life style.

Weeks Following this incedent, I noticed an odd growth on my right arm, and abnormal mole that would sometimes bleed black looking blood as well as other marks on my body. I knew something was not right and went to a dermatologist. They tested the abnormal mole on my arm and decided they needed to remove it as soon as possible. During the surgery they had to dig a lot deeper than planned and left a huge nasty scar. Over time I covered it up with a tattoo.

To this day from the injection at the club, I still have the mark and is an obvious difference between my left and right ankle. The entire left side of my body I have issues all the way up to my head. I am unsure if it is related. Over time the black blood returned to normal blood color. Since then I have learned about the black goo, I am unsure if it is related and I was injected with black goo.

I try to take every experience wether positive or negative and learn the lessons I need to from it. What is the positive outcome? Well I knew I needed to change this lifestyle and be the parent my kids need. Though this experience wasn't positive, it helped me realize how is was putting myself in dangerous situations and needed to focus on my kids more.

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