Debra Regression Notes by James Rink-Portal to another dimension & All girls training facility

May 5, 2020 Debra Regression Session

1. Plane into a portal into another dimension She sees open space, she’s in a dimension but there is nothing there. But its dark and we go look for the plane to start with. So, we go back into the hallway to look for a door for the plane.

She sees the area where the craft is outside parked near a city, the craft is on stone pad and there is perfect grass.

Futuristic looking city, she is in an area where there is a transit hub. She sees people looking different clothing its more perfect. Its looks like foam, has a chunky appearance to it. The people look human, but more upper-class. They seem robotic, like they are on a hive mind. Seems like a quiet place.

There is another race, elephant hybrid that is mixed human. Doesn’t feel like planet earth.

She is following the timeline. Almost as if your waking behind waterfall, she feels like she is someplace else.

She sees a older lady in her 60’s or 70s, she is approaching. She is a commander, wearing a jumpsuit. There is a symbol on her right side of her blue jumpsuit with a circle inside the circle. It looks 200 years in future futuristic looks chunky, seamless, but 70’s looking.

They are going to a building now. The city seems to be floating there are no cars here. the doors are huge metals, like elevator doors but chrome like. The doors open on their own.

Her name is Sandra. 2097. Not on planet earth. She is approximately 1.35 Million Billion light years from earth in a NW direction. She walks inside there is a entrance area, there is metal shelving, she stakes on the floor? This room reminds her of junk area, there are metal things?

She walks past these into open area, now in a living room, walk down there are other people, this is their version of conference room. Seating area is long couches, a table comes up from the ground underneath. They walk down few steps near the table and sit down. There are a few people here looking at her. She is here for contracts, paperwork. Sandra and other people are showing her holographic design plans. Architectural designs. The city was made with a copy machine. Plan were put into a computer and a city is printed out. City name is unpronounceable, symbols only. Planet name is also unpronounceable symbols but much longer.

Sandra says this is our future. Debra was able to access these schematics in a dream. We tell Sandra we don’t have instant education technology. You need to connect the old technology with the new technology.

She sees old Pac man video games at an arcade it’s like hooking that up into our modern computers. There is something valuable in the old programming which makes it compatible to the new.

Debra is getting images about the empire state building, with the needle on the top. Some of the clues around that building. There is a hologram of that building people are looking at it. They copied the design of the building to represent the style of their cities. It felt the safest and most protective more functionality then looks.

They have helicopters like vessels that have copy machines and there are no people inside and they print these buildings out. She sees metals coming out which forms into solid wall.

Everyone gets to live as rich as splendid as they want. She is now getting downloads through instant education. Debra feels like Sandra wants to help. It will be used for good. Debra was a architect in Lemuria. There were floating cities there.

The craft she came in was 3d printed. The schematics will come through downloads telepathic.

There is a looking glass technology that allows you to look into another dimension before going there. Sandra says it has to do with time travel. There was someone else trying to stop Debra from getting access to the tech. He wasn’t supposed to be there. Sandra says she was able to see what was happening. The captain on the vessel stayed. The other one taken into custody.

You can’t go back. She says yes you been cloned, once you go into higher dimension you can’t go back. She says you’re a clone now. She is bilocating in two places at once. Its already happened, she went to future then came back, she was sent back as a cloned body.

Debra wants why she was sent to visit the city, and what’s the big picture of all this? She is able to astral travel easy, its part of who she is. She is linked to the technology as a result of the clone body living a double life. She can even split up her consciousness and switch between clone bodies.

Sandra says to keep doing what your doing, line upon line, built upon each other. Suddenly you are there.

Debra sees a book, metal book, has a symbol on it, its really old to them. It seems to have codes, symbols. They understand some of it, they don’t understand all of it. There are old artifacts. That’s what she saw in the room when she was first brought. Its just in this one area. They are outside the building now.

There are other races, skin colors like blue humanoids, but it’s kind of irrelevant atm. Sandra gave Debra a couple sheets of paper with drawings on them. She is giving them Debra and she can take them back. They are blueprints pictures and symbols mixed. She can feel these symbols like they are imprinted.

Sandra is going to walk her back, she gets back into the craft, the craft seems alive and covered with plasma. She greets the captain who remained on the vessel, they seem to know each other. They then go through the dimension where there is no time or dimension.

2. Was also in an all-girls training facility

Debra is getting emotional. She sees a pool, its about the half the size of a swimming pool in a community center. Near the left if a wall, there is a small quarter like jail cells, there are two bunk beds inside each one. There is a small closet in each one, outfits in the closet, all the same. The shoes are different, collectables some would steal others shoes.

She sees these women, maybe in their 40’s, they look mean, they are watching, like they are in charge. There are women in the pool. It’s considered free time in the day just a little bit each day. About 20 people in this whole area including guards and inmates.

She is looking across pool, there is another girl there, she is holding a baby, she is about 6 months old. She asks Debra if you want to hold her. She says the baby is Debra’s. She Is reluctant and their handler is watching like a hawk like you’re not supposed to be doing this. Debra is now playing with the baby and the baby smiles; this happens for a few minutes. The girl who was holding the baby girl away. But apparently, it’s not her purpose for being here but it was only chance she would get. One of the handlers took the baby and leaves out to this door. Its looks like a hospital door. There is some training they have to do in the water, she is required to wear a neoprene wetsuit. Debra has died many times drowning and hates water dreams.

She is ordered to go underwater; they are testing how long she can hold it. You get punished if you don’t meet the goal with a taser. Everyone seems to not like each other, no friends, everyone has to protect themselves. They all passed the test and exit the pool.

Take suit off, there is a shower area, no privacy. They are now wearing resting clothes, short and not too attractive looking. The room Debra is in is the last one near the swimming pool. She is on the bottom, her roommate has brown curly hair, shoulder length. Her name is amber. She doesn’t recognize her in her civilian life. There is a little microphone in each cell in which they listen.

So, Debra tried using emotional telepathy, Amber feels sad, she feels bad she was teased to see her baby and it was taken away. It was almost like a prank. At the same time, they don’t care, they are all stuck in the same boat.

We ask what kind of facility it is; amber says they are training them for missions. They are here for almost a year. It possible this might be Mars, there are no windows, can’t see outside, they are stuck in this one place. The handlers leave, meals are brought to them. She says dude we are on mars dude dah. She is not feminine; she is more emasculated.

She says she part of Project starlit or starlight. It is a project within an organization. She says everyone believes earth was destroyed. Now she got mad, why are you asking me these questions, that is common knowledge. We ask if this is nacht waffen, what else would it be?

We ask what will happen with her baby, she said the same they do with the other babies. Put more into more training. We don’t own them they are not ours. Ask about name of the baby…. Andrea maybe? Both feel like all they want is to leave. That’s why they are mean to each other they hate being here and want it to end.

Amber feels very German. She sees swastikas in her mind. We ask if Adolf Hitler is still alive. Amber sees him as a hero. He is not dead he is somewhere else.

Debra is part German. Ask if when we getting out of here, she hears talk we will be going to different facility in six months’ time. The baby will be in the same base but they will be at different facility. She knows about Kruger military contractor. She asks what year and she says 1981. She’s not irritated with these questions anymore as there is nothing to do here. She is sassy, she is mocking her in a way.

Yeah if you tell me who my parents are. There is a room of files and she has seen it one time, she had her hands behind her and was transported, and saw a room of records. Her parents name might be in there.

Debra remote views the files. She is in her spirit body; she looks for amber file. Amber Lynn Jo Hanson but the last name is kind blurry. DOB is December 26 1984. She sees a paper; dad is possible Rogers (pronounced Marie) and then symbols with dots. She has a brother too, Michael.

I know you got sight and abilities and she is curious. So, Debra tells her DOB is right but she doesn’t know if that’s her real name. She didn’t know the name of her parents.

Debra also remembers seeing the records room.

Amber has no more questions and we conclude.

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