How I feel about my experiences

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

Let me begin by saying, if you are skeptical of my experiences, I don't blame you. We all walk our own paths. We have our own experiences and patterns that seem to shape our reality. Its our blue print and whatever doesn't fit within those ideals we tend to discard as fiction. I am not here to entertain anyone or convince individuals of what I speak is true. I am here to help add another peice of the puzzle to those who are seeking to understand themselves and make the connections to their own lives. If what I say does not seem agreeable with you at this time in your life, then I completely respect you and where you are at on your journey. Perhaps someday you will find yourself revisiting these topics when the mud settles and you have a larger perspective on how things are really ran in this world.

Since I was a little girl, I would see people. Real people that look like you and me walk out a wall, across the room and disapear into the wall. They didn't even seem to notice or care that I could see them. It evolves to extraterrestrials who know I can see them and communite telepathically with me from time to time. I seem to have been born with what at times seem like a burden before I even had a chance to choose between the blue or red pill. Some things just didn't make sense to me as to why I seemed to be the only one to notice. I remember as far back as being in my mothers womb and my own birth. That trauma of a unnatural birth and born with defects which was cured over time. Seems like trauma opens the door to sight. We learn through what seems to be difficult experiences. This is only one of many experiences that as you stay updated on my ongoing experiences you will see I have to much to write than my time allows as I have other responsibilites such as family that are my priotiy.

I seem to have been an asset from day one. Memories of playing in the feilds as a little girl and missing time. My family became use to my independance early on. My parents were distracted anyhow by my large mormon family. I come from a line of military in my family and a German anscestry on to scandanavia. My grandfather was in the Navy and spoke about a fraction of the nazi's while at war. There seem to be secrets within the family as well that show up in old photos. A great grandmother of african american decent. A great grandmother with reptilian features possilby lyran. Vertical pupils and a cat like nose . My mother is geneology researcher and has done quite well with tracing back my family ties over 1000 years dating back to a long line of denmark kings, but many things don't make sense, including me being introduced to military officers at a very young age yet my parents don't remember. My fathers military records burned in a fire and now show up as a missing person. More recently, a member of a division I won't name that works at a secret base I also won't name contacts me and discloses unbelievable information about my lives, that correspond with my timeline also in the here an now. What am I to do with this? This goes back to the question of how I feel about my experiences. Nothing is on accident, not even you reading this right now. I am only a small peice in the puzzle that has decided to take a risk and put myself out there to be mostly criticized in the hopes I can make a difference for just one person.

I have studied the mind quite extensively for years and the endless multi layers of its functionality and I declare undoubtably without any regret that what I speak and write is true according to my own understanding and experiences. The black helicopters fly over frequently, the strange electronic voices, and the black trucks parked outside are just confirmations to me. I know I am safe and I am protected by those invisible and visible to the human eyes. My purpose is to shed light and help others to understand themselves and the part they play in this story. Everyone has a part. What is yours? I may not be experienced as a public speaker becasue of my introverted nature, and for that I apologize. Know that I live from my heart and I am a truth finder.

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