Project light child....Debra Regression session by James Rink

May 26, 2020

Project Light Child(possible)

She sees a huge room with a massive control panel that goes high up, lights up with different colors. Metal panels metallic silvery color. She sees control panels on the bottom. There are people operating the facility. The people are wearing white lab coats, they are some other race. They seem positive. They have long necks, no hair. They seem to be about 6 feet. They seem to have tails. There are two of them in there. Their skin is somewhat smooth but could be mix of human and scale skin.

They know you are there. They are talking telepathically to Debra. They already know why she is here. They said confederation matrix. The control room accesses memories, configurating, organizing memories. They say its safe and you consent to receiving assistance.

Underneath the control room is another room with a room with padded white diamond panels, plastic like glass wall on one side for viewing. There is a dentist white chair is in the middle, angled on the side. Chair looks like fabric leather and microfiber. She is in the chair now, these straps come up from the side and come down and strap down wrists and ankles. She is being strapped in to protect her from harming herself. Something attaches to her head from the ceiling. Metal halo headband comes down to attach to her hear. The fabric seems alive and it locks her in place. The fabric is very soft and fabric seems to be attaching to her body. No one else is in the room, she can see the two ET on the other side. they are looking at her. There is a small screen which comes down in front of her face. These objects are hanging from metal rope or string that can move around.

The screen lights up and she sees fuzzy images, it tries to lock onto a clear picture. She sees herself possibly as a child in a grassy field. She is six years old. There seems to be angels near her with white robes around her, they are invisible but she can sense their presence. She is alone though. She is now in a dirt field with sand, she is playing by herself. It is starting to get dark now. She sees a silver disc in a field near her house that she grew up in. The discs somehow take her inside. The ship goes up to the sky really fast, it goes to another planet that looks earth like. There are lava rocks nearby from a fresh eruption but now cool to touch, next to a jungle with grass and trees.

This is a second home to her. The people here look humans, they don’t live in buildings, as usually they don’t need it. She is now standing at the top of a mountain cliff. Looking over the forest below. This area where the ashes are, are radioactive. They are not allowed to go their but some people do anyway. Its very dangerous. There is a certain race of beings can survive in that environment but usually they do not interact with these other beings.

There is about 10 people aboard on the vessel, they are a mix of ET and human and the ET were the ones with space technology that they could use to transport people. Humans didn’t have control of the technology but there was a treaty which allowed them access to the technology.

They seem to be family, connected to them somehow. Debra takes over the six-year version of herself. She asks who are they? They say both these humans and ET’s are some federation. Debra asks what’s the name of the planet I am on? “Mars”. Debra sees a portal; she gets the sense she is moving backwards in time. They say they are part of the Mars Defense Force. They said they traveled, throughout time. Mars is not a desert world. There are parts that are topical with forests and lava rocks. And bodies of water on the surface but not big ones.

Debra asks why was I taken to visit the Mars Defense Force. To get familiar with it, this was the beginning of her training. She views the timeline and sees herself fighting reptilians as part of her duties in the MDF. She sees herself fighting a reptilian, the being is 6-foot-tall, green brown scales. Its not wearing a uniform. Not even a belt with weapons. It was hand to hand combat. He is way to close. Debra is 5’4” and her muscles are lean and she is fit. She is wearing black one-piece outfit. Skin tight long sleeve to wrists. No one else around her in this combat scenario.

Debra pauses the timeline and she talks to the reptilian. Their mental strength is very overpowering. Debra tells it we are her for positive reasons and do not wish to have conflict, and ask for permission for communication. The reptilian says its very angry. Settlers on mars took over, they are so mad about it. They just want us to leave. This is their territory; we have our earth and they just to have their place.

We apologize for invading their territory. The fighting is very selfish. Debra asks the reptilian if they can help her get her memories back so she can tell people on earth what is going on to their race. He is in agreement with it, it’s not fair how different groups or races classified in a certain way. It would be more acceptable now, then in the past to receive what is being done. Reptilian says its name starts with a M, and its very hard to pronounce. We can call him Mikel he says. Debra ask if he knows about project light child. She is getting images of super charged lighting, spread across space and time. Light and time is connected. That is how you can bend space. Some DNA can be manipulated to change time into light. They are using this enhanced DNA to change history. To change timelines. They are having a hard time doing it, everything has happened that has already happened. Project LC is an initiative of the corporation that oversee projects on mars and on earth. It has to do with electricity, not to be seen as positive or negative but as an experiment. Probably a Kruger runner.

Debra says her DNA is activated enough to activate these abilities. Debra can heal DNA. The reptilian suggest she investigate laser technology that enhances her palm chakras and feet chakras. The reptilian wants her to find a quartz crystal and runs the laser light through it, same frequency and light of the sun. She needs to make a mini sun of same frequency. The connect this through a quartz crystal. The sun is too far away so it needs to be more direct. What ever intention you have will magnify it. It can be equally destructive, both good or bad. We pause the timeline and unfreeze your MDF self. She is a little confused. Debra tells her she is from the future and asks what is going on. Her MDF self says she is in a slave trade war. They are in conflict concerning people enslaved on a planet, they are trying to decide who gets to take the slaves. The reptilians and Nazi’s are trying to decide who takes slaves. The group being in enslaved look human and the Nazi’s want to bring them there. And the reptilians want dominance over this race.

She is concerned that we talked to Mikel and she has to go back to fighting him. We suggest she doesn’t kill him but run away instead. She says her name is Anna. Her message to us, I am you and you are me. She told her she is from earth. But she won’t say anything they will kill her. (earth is supposed to be destroyed and they are not supposed to know we exist) She is telepathically connected to a man, so he knows now, he is a spy who works for positive intentions. He already knows and she knows now it’s okay. We ask anna is she has any questions for us. She knows I am here. Debra mentions my name and she understands who that is. She has knowledge of that individual. You are like one of the men, that are connected to her in the same squad. She wants to know when is it going to be fall again, and snow. Some thing to do with the seasons. Maybe I was there in the winter. We tell her its May 26, 2020. She says its 1975. We tell her in the future more people know about mars but she says hurry. Its not fair to the people who been lied, we are stuck on mars and they are living in a prison on mars with a homey feel but they little freedoms. Its underground. We ask if there is anything else, we can discuss. We should revisit in 6 months when there is no snow. We ask if we can come back to talk to the person she is connected too and myself in a concrete room.

After Commentary….

Debra says she was given pains in her body. She felt needles in her fingers and feet.

When she fought the reptilians, her left leg started to hurt. She also feels a pain in her left jaw.

We think she should come back in a few weeks to follow up on this.

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