Updated: Jun 30, 2020

I am in a earthlike world or a place on planet earth I do not recognize. I have been here before in other memories. There is a plaza of sorts where 2 cases of teleportation stations are. They are the size of a modern stand up shower and within above is a rectangular divice that has panels with in that would be programmed as the new location transfer. It is in its infant stage here as I am aware it is a new technology that has not been classified and only experiemented within certain limited places.

People were in the plaza standing around as spectators. I was among the spectators. Those materializing inside the encasing station coming through and leaving were seen as heros. This was a dangerous new undertaking and even though it was marketed as safe, most were skeptical as things could go wrong. Those brave souls who risked their lives to be the first to experiement and pave the way were paid a nice lump sum. It became my understanding that in time these would initially be placed at certain locations in the populous areas and eventually into homes.

I suddenly became aware , i was in a place i was not suppose to be. It was dangerous for me to be there and reptillians were after me. I saw a wormhole open up and new it was my chance to leave this place. I entered the wormhole and was very odd to be in for a moment many colors and a vacum type feel. I then opened my eyes and was back in my body.

Debra LMT, CHT

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