The light consuming

I am standing on a cliff that reminds me of Zions National Park Utah that I visit every few years. It seem to be the highest point and looking out into the bright firery vastness. For up to that cliff point it seemed like everything had just sliced off the earth like a clean cut and I am standing on the edge of this place. My earth children are by my side and behind us there are people, so many I couldnt be able to come up with a number. I feel like this is it. This is the end of the world. End of the world as we know it. Their was a peaceful calm feeling associated with this as I am looking out into the distance. I felt fearless and had a sense that after all we have been through, finaly we can rest and it will all be over soon. Death did not seem the next stage. Transformation, evolution, and transcendance was the fate. How is glass made? With very high heat. This place, maybe earth, maybe another lifetime, another planet was destined to evolve into a sea of glass. I have a sense we were left behind in this place. Many had perished in this consumption of fiery light. Those that were with me I felt had a protection sheild

I was fearless and those around me, the masses seemed to be unsure as to what may actually happen to us, but I seemed to be able to telepathically relay to them, " be calm , it will all be alright" I sensed as if our avatars would adjust to the knew changes. As feirce and firey the oncoming engulfing seemed, everything was going to be fine. The vision was brighter than the sun , and the whitest white. It had the appearance of approaching in slow motion because of the unbeleivable massive size but at the same time within seconds arrived just barely to the edge of the cliff. I could feel the heat but it did not burn me nor those around me. We seemed invincible. I then open my eyes.

The gift of dreams i have always had. This is a reacurring dream I have had many times. Over the years I connect the dots and have met others who have seen the same vision or had a guide show them as this may be a possible time line.

My dreams impact me on a very deep soul level. Some of my dreams have come to pass, and some are yet to be seen. Some may be a distant memory on some other planet. All I know is some dreams I have, others experience the same dreams. That would indicate we are indeed connected more that we know. Telepathically and as a collective consciousness.

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