Humanoid in my room

Updated: May 29, 2020

Same nightly routine at this time in my life. I am upstairs settling in for the night by myself. Remembering shutting the window on the third story because of the chill even though I wished to keep it open because of the smell of paint I have finished on a wall. Eventualy my partner at this time in my life makes it up to bed. We drift off to sleep.

It's not the first time, I wake in the middle of the night seeing a large being standing at the foot of my bed and then it coming forward pushing down on me fightng for my life as if I am being crushed. I could not move and felt like a long time had passed and I was being frozen in time. I had called out for help. I was religeous at the time and was taught when evil spirits were to appear to call in Jesus name. I was desparate and did as my Sunday school teachers taught. It immediately left, because I demanded it and willed it through my higher self and through the help of my protectors. It's not over. There were lingering Ets accompanying this guest.

I looked to my left to see if my partner at the time was okay and I was shocked to see a feminine humanoid looking type hovering over my partner taking energy from him. She had very long blonde hair, huge almond eyes, smaller nose and mouth. Frightening beautiful. Suddenly she noticed me looking at her. I noticed another being close to the window that was previous closed now open. Both of them went out through the window, as soon as they did, my partner quickly jumped up and said "what the hell was in here"?

Any normal person would have broken legs jumping from that height. I was to afraid to get out of bed and look out the window. My guess is they ran into the field behing my house in the mountains. I waited patiently hiding under the blanket for fear they would return before the morning.

The sun was rising and I felt safer in the light. I walked towards the window to close it and noticed the drop cloth with foot prints and a few long strands of blonde hair. I did save the hair but in time I became careless becasue I assumed nobody would beleive me as I have kept this to myself until recently.

Some Conclusions I have come to concerning this experience is, the being that holds me down didnt want me to see what was happening. They know how powerful we are and we can stop anything we do not consent to. When I demanded it leave, it had no choice and I exercised my free will. I can not make assumptions as to why the Extraterrestrial that was over my partner. It is possible she was either taking his energy or his seed to create a possible hybrid, or the energy from him is food to them.

Just like there are positive, nuetral and negative humans, there are positive, nuetral and negative ETs of even the same race. As an individual human, ET or entity, each can be unique within its own race. We do not need to be afraid. We only need to realize and practice our will as to what is placed in front of us. We always have a choice of how we respond to each experience. Even if it feels frightnening in the moment, we can learn to get out of our own way and observe it from a distance as if we are watching a movie when looking back.

Debra Ann LMT, CHT

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